The London Foot Party

If you’ve never been to one of our events before then now’s the time to tell you that they’re fun and laid back affairs with lots of banter, jokes, and a few drinks with like minded guys and girls. If you think this sounds like a dream come true but you’re shy about it, then don’t be. They’re a haven for people like us to have fun and indulge our passions, and I genuinely mean this when I say that you should experience one to see what they are like. You’ll feel at home within minutes.

If you’ve never attended, for an example of previous girls and themes, and for a little teaser of the kind of thing you can expect check out our Twitter feed where we regularly post videos and images from previous parties.

Below is a SAMPLE of the models that could make an appearance, there will be others not listed here, including several added at the last minute as more bookings come in – if there are any specific ones you’d like to request and see there, book and email us. Lots of these girls are new too (either first or 2nd parties)

Check back on Twitter, or email us for updates.

Mistress Terra 

Miss Elise James

Lola Vavoom

Maxie Rhoads

Miss Angelika 





Constance Peach 

Lou In Heels

Jessica Monaco





Kellie O’Brian

Ruby Rose

Emma Green

Jenny James

Mary Jane

Lola Rose


Elena James


Miss Fab

Lady Carla


She Controls

Tiffany MFC


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Yes, all guests must be over 18 so please bring ID with you.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions I might have?

Can I do anything sexual with the models?

Absolutely not. Sexual acts of any kind won’t be provided. Keep your pants on, please.

What other costs might I incur?

To spend 10 minutes or so with your favourite model(s) for things such as foot massage or smelling, tickling etc, additional fees may apply. Please contact us directly if you would like further information before booking.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, your details will be saved onto the guest list.




“I really wanted tell you thank you the last night at London Feet Party. Was incredible. I totally enjoyed the time from the first minute until the last one, Amazing!!!” – Antonio

“Dear god! So many gorgeous girls! As ever… thanks! All the best and I look forward to the next!” – Mark

“Thank you for putting up an amazing party! You guys rock… and awesome job on selecting the models. I had a really great time worshiping the feet of all the gorgeous and friendly models… and of course being trampled on as well. Evey, Lucy, Fab, Chelsea, Roxy… Just wow! I can’t wait for the next party. Sign me up for the next one!” – Kris

“I went to my first party last week and I have to say it was sensationally good! If you’ve never been before and this is your thing, then I thoroughly recommend you come along to the next one. It’s a very easy going, cool, and non-threatening environment – the girls are all amazing, beautiful and they all know exactly what you’re there for! I’ll definitely be going along to the next one. Just awesome!” – Shaun

‘Well, where do I begin? Let’s start with a little of myself – I’m 20 years young and have had a closeted foot fetish as far back as I can remember. From a look online this place seems impossibly good- models that actually appreciate and enjoy their feet having attention? If you’re like me and have had some…rather unpleasant comments to say the least on your foot fetish- I can confirm this place is a safe haven for all your desires!

Nervous to enter and extremely shy about the unknown future as I made my way into the main room in which were some of the finest girls I’ve been around. I stumbled through my first session with Devon, actually unable to believe this was real. Well, after getting down with her in a private room it was smooth sailing from there as I embraced, probably for the first time, my foot fetish in its entirety. Devon, Harry Amelia, Lady Carla, Evey, Roxy, Chessie, Talia, Nicole, Ivy, Chelsea, Thumper and Fab: thank you for an absolutely sensational time. It was worth the voyage coming from up North and a big shout to the organisers for being so welcoming and helpful before the party in email. I’ve never felt so much more confident about my fetish, and surprisingly never felt more normal in my life!Guys, if you’re checking this page out- trust me- book yourself into the next party, it is completely real, and completely beyond what you can expect. The atmosphere is very relaxed, social- a chat before a session turns into a very casual, friendly environment.See you next time for sure!” – Ryan

‘I have no words. See you next time! Seriously though, thanks for a real treat of a night, the girls were so freakin lovely and gorgeous too! Well done on putting on a fantastic night!’ Simon

‘Thanks for an awesome party last night. Alyila & Talia were absolutely incredible. Definitely worth travelling from Egypt.’ – Mekhim